1600 words due 9/28/2020- public and community health impact of


Public/community health impact of driving under the influence of alcohol and health education program

(200 words) Describe the public health impact of driving under the influence of alcohol.

(200 words) Suggest a health education program that would assist community aggregate to reduce the prevalence of DUI

(200 words) Gather [recent] factual statistical information from various media sources (newspapers, television, radio, magazines, .GOV) related to driving under the influence of alcohol.

(200 words) What messages or information are observed regarding the impact of DUI?

(200 words) What strategies have been taken by the community to deal with the problem?

(200 words) How has the community been involved in identifying the problem and potential solutions? Provide specific actions taken and programs that were implemented.

(200 words) What were your best resources for this topic and why? Resource should be from credible government agencies such as CDC and The US Department of motor vehicles. 

Essay should be in APA 7th edition format with at least four credible source including the textbook, subheadings, intro body and conclusion. 

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