1. (8 points) the planar cyclo-p4 molecule has four 3pz orbitals that

1. (8 points) The planar cyclo-P4 molecule has four 3pz orbitals that contribute to its  bonding framework. Using the ‘project operator’ method, generate the unnormalized SALCs for the four 3pz orbitals in D4h symmetry (Hint: you must consider the change in phase, if applicable, after each symmetry operation). Show your work. (b) Check that your SALCs are orthogonal.



2. (a) (8 points) Using the SALCs generated in question 1 build a molecular orbital -bonding framework in cyclo-P4. Label your molecular orbitals with thepdiagram of the  appropriate Mulliken symbols, indicate if they are bonding, anti-bonding or non-bonding, and add the appropriate number of electrons. (b) (1 point) What is the bond order of a PP bond? (c) (1 point) What is the bond order of a P-P bond in cyclo-P4 2-? 

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